Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Here you'll find the full range of Polar Heart Rate Monitors all with Free UK Delivery and a great range of Polar HRM Accessories.

Heart rate monitors are a valuable tool in any training programme, and not just for elite sports people.

Anyone embarking on a fitness plan could and should use a heart rate monitor (HRM) to ensure they're working in the correct heart rate zone to maximise time spent training.  Even if you only plan on walking, a HRM can give you the info you want for maximum benefit.

For keen sports people and professional athletes - the same still applies. It's a vital performance tool in the performance toolbox.  Not just to ensure maximum training effect, but to make sure you take proper rest and recovery.

You can not only track progress with a hear rate monitor, some have 'test' features meaning you keep tabs on your improving fitness.

Not a gimmick gadget, Heart Rate Monitors are something we should all make use of.